> Les numéros > Scumgrrrls N° 2 - Automne/ Fall 2002

2 or 3 things that drive me crazy...in shaving

This re-occurring seasonal bikini-line angst has pushed me to spend hours and hours in shops, but as I am sure most of you know, the first and most obvious solution – to find a swimsuit or bikini that comes down a bit in between our legs – is almost impossible. They just don’t make them ! Or the ones that would do it are for professionals and look more like a bicycle suit covering you more or less from the knees to just under the chin. These bike/swim suits also have the side effect of seriously (trying to) re-shape your body if your try to get into it.

“Trapped” would be an understatement to describe how you feel. Not to speak about the crowd that will think you are up to a swim performance, when all you want to do is to slip your body rather ungracefully into the water. I thought I had come up with the solution when remembering the more softy one-piece suits that some gym women use, but for those of you that did not know yet – they are ‘out’, not fashion anymore, and impossible to find. I have found though, a pair of shorts in swimming suit material that could be combined with any top, if this is your choice. It kind of gives a sporty look as well, but judging from my tests you will not be right out stared at. For the moment I can only conclude that the options are quite few... and that my solutions are pragmatic and intermediary. In the end the best option I found is to stick to abandoned places where I can swim naked or to go to women’s only nudist beaches. Because I promise - without the ‘lines’ of the bikini - there really is no problem !

Some ‘compromise’

Between vanity, smell preferences, and the bother (or not) to shave the armpits’ hair. The idea is to keep a level of smell that remains on a ‘sensual’ level, which actually can require some hair (although this is highly individual), and also wanting the hair to show while not wanting it to be so long as to make braids with it. This idea of beautiful under-the-arms-aesthetics we can note has lead some women to adopt a compromise, which involves to regularly trim their armpits’ hair just a little – keeping it just the ‘right’ length.

... but who wants us to look like a girl child ?

One can wonder where the fashion to shave the whole female sex comes from, and for whom it became an issue of pleasure and desire ? This practice is not at all uncommon, especially among teenage and younger women. And it definitely seems as if the porn movie business is the trendsetter when it comes to this ‘fashion’, which applies only to women of course ! That figures, because really, what woman would feel seriously motivated by herself to shave ‘it all’ – inner lips, outer lips, … Some young women say they feel ‘cleaner’, more desirable, and more beautiful. However, the message from the gynaecologists is clear – shaving the female sex is not a recommended practice. Besides the risky hazards of cuts, the total shaving of women’s sex increases the vulnerability of the vagina’s mucous membranes as well as the risks of infections. So the precious angry feminist in me would like to shout back – “why the hell would men want a woman’s sex to look like a girls’ anyway ??” And if you haven’t drawn a line yet, here is your chance to say ‘enough is enough’ - leave my pubic hair on my lips alone !

Deux ou trois choses qui m’énervent dans l’épilation :
- On nous prétend qu’il faut s’épiler pour un motif esthétique, mais en réalité on se rase toutes pour correspondre àune image de la féminité imposée par la société.
- Les rasoirs pour femmes ont des couleurs guimauves écoeurantes, des formes spéciales et rondes, des lames àacheter en plus et coà»tent bien plus que les mêmes rasoirs pour hommes (0,854 € pour un rasoir homme contre 5,74 € pour un rasoir femme). Pourtant les deux rasent pareil.
- Les crèmes épilatoires, cela pue.
- Le toucher des jambes fraîchement épilées de mon amoureuse me met à chaque fois de mauvaise humeur. Cela gratte, ce n’est ni doux, ni sexy.
- Le diktat de l’épilation a créé un commerce lucratif sur le dos des femmes. S’épiler entièrement le corps (lèvre supérieure, menton, bikini, aisselles, sourcils, jambes, cuisses, bikini -eh oui tout cela…) vous coà»tera en moyenne, mesdames, plus de 85 € (àrépéter fréquemment).
- Le regard des autres sur mes jambes pas toujours épilées sous mes jupes ou l’insistance de ma mère pour que je m’épile les dessous de bras pour le mariage de mon frère : cela a beau m’énerver, àchaque fois, il y a quand même une gêne par rapport aux exigences des autres. Pourtant les aisselles non rasées des filles, c’est terriblement sexy et cela sent si bon… D’ailleurs, ma soeur disait toujours qu’on reconnaît une féministe aux poils en dessous des bras...