> Les numéros > Scumgrrrls N° 9 - Printemps / Spring 2006

The slow return of Pubic Hair, a Winter-Look or a Revolution ?

Since some years the “natural look†seems to be banned when it comes to women’s sex – especially pubic hairs.

While many of us have grown up with shaving our bikini lines each spring, it is only during the last years that there has been a fashion to women’s pubic hairs. Women’s magazines have published articles about the art-ofpubic- hairdressing showing different designs which ensure that not a single hair shows beyond string underwear. This (almost) hairless trend seems – like so many – to be about making adult women into pre-adolescent dolls. Pubic hairdressing is just another way of tidying women’s sexes, taming women’s sexuality and controlling women. The hairless trend developed to such an extent that a pornographic counterculture developed with pictures of hairy pussies ! When visiting a sauna in Brussels this February I noticed that many women had chosen a retro look : The hair is back ! While my friends claim that this is not a change in culture, I want to think that the return of pubic is women’s way of saying no to commercial or patriarchal control over their sexes.