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Sarah Schulman. About the series L-word.

Would you like to write an episode ?

This is a very complex question for me. I went in for the job of writer on the show before it began, and I was turned down. After the first season, I applied again and was again turned down. So, I literally did try to write it. I watched the first season and really enjoyed it. I don’t watch it much anymore, but mostly because for some reason I don’t seem to be home when it’s on, and I don’t yet have TIVO [cable TV].

What do you like about it ? And what would you change ?

My favorite thing about the show is the performances by Leisha Hailey as Alice, and Jennifer Beals as Bette. Both actresses have so much integrity about their performances.The weakest thing to me is the way that the writers burn through the story. They eat up a lot of plot too quickly and that makes events often implausible or melodramatic or even simply unbelievable. On the other hand, there are a lot of talented people connected to this thing, and they are making a lot of money that they would never have had a chance to make, so that’s good.

There is an obsessive fan base for the show that verges on the weird. Kate Moenning, who plays Shane, recently appeared in a play about torture in Iraq and the audience was filled with L Word fans who just wanted to meet her.

What is the political impact of the series ?

The impact on the country has been negligible. Outside of the obsessed lesbians who watch it, it has a very small audience, gets nominated for no prizes, is not referred to generally in the culture,and has not proven that a "lesbian" show can attract alarge audience.

September 2006, NY

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